Everyone has different temperature preferences. Stop battling your spouse at the thermostat and keep your space at your personal favorite temp with Evapolar 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner. Though it typically retails for $269, this portable air conditioner is available now for just $199.

EvaSmart 2 is an intelligent personal air conditioner that combines the functionality of a humidifier and air conditioner into one genius device. It uses natural evaporative cooling to keep the temperature low around you, while simultaneously filtering our dust particles to make sure the air you breathe is healthy.

Just operate the EvaSmart 2 via the touch pad, its mobile app or your voice — it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other smart home platforms. And it’s easy to fit in your office, bedroom, or wherever you require a little extra air.

Worried this might add to your already sky-high electricity bill? Don’t be — the Evapolar 2 consumes only 12.5 W of power and is 10 times more efficient than other portable air conditioners. Grab it here for $199 today.

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