Update: New analysis from 5G speeds tests live reporting in Chicago continues, as we’re here for five days testing Verizon’s powerful, but limited 5G ultra wideband signal on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. 

You can at last get incredible 5G phone speeds today, according to our tests, but only in two US cities and only if you do what we’re calling ‘the 5G shuffle.’

We were able to test the Verizon 5G network in Chicago using a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (and we’ll stick around to keep doing so until Tuesday on our own), and we’ve been able to pull down consistent speeds topping 1Gbps. One of our 5G tests peaked at 1.385Gbps.

But to get these headline-worthy speeds, we had to basically move (or dance) around the 5G nodes that sit above lampposts on specific blocks in Chicago. It’s reportedly the same in the only other US city with active Verizon 5G nodes, Minneapolis.

Amazing 5G speeds, with obvious caveats 

TechRadar became the first outlet with a 5G phone when the Moto Z3 5G launched last month, but the Verizon 5G network was just getting underway. It either wasn’t as fast back then, or we didn’t get consistent-enough signal to reach the heights we’re seeing now. It even frequently dropped back down to 4G LTE mid-test.

Now, five weeks later and with the Galaxy S10 5G in hand, we’ve gotten speeds that made the Verizon engineers on hand from New York visibly excited. They’re seeing the nearly 1.4Gbps speeds in the wild for the first time, too.

Speeds tests using the Ookla app offered us some insight into peak raw speeds, and they were great. But it was also important to do real-world tests – while doing the 5G shuffle – to see how Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Android game downloads did.

The most shocking 5G test we conducted?

  • Stranger Things (Entire First Season) on 5G: 38.78 seconds
  • Stranger Things (Entire First Season) on 4G: 1 hour 16 minutes

Yes, we waited on the same rainy street corner in Chicago to test these speeds. One finished in under a minute, and the other took one hour and 16 minutes.

The difference is staggering in this 5G test. We used the Galaxy S10 5G connected to Verizon’s 5G ultra wideband signal. The 4G comparison test used an iPhone XS Max on AT&T’s getting ‘5Ge’ signal (which isn’t actual 5G, as we’ve reported multiple times and a marketing stunt over which Sprint sued AT&T).

We were also able to download Fortnite in 2 minutes and 55 seconds and Asphalt 9: Legends in 2 minutes and 23 seconds on the Galaxy S10 5G.

While these 5G tests weren’t at nearly 1.4Gbps, they were fast (around 1Gbps) and depended on if the app maker was optimized to deliver fast speeds. Downloading the game PUBG from the Google Play Store, for example, was a bit slower than downloading the same game file from the Galaxy App Store.

In other words, the pull from our 5G device and direct line of sight of the 5G node was important, but so is the push from Google, Netflix and other content providers.

5G speed test: Chicago Day 2

Gone from Chicago are the other tech reporters, but we’re still here seeing if the 5G network holds up after the initial launch day hype. The answer: yes and no.

We can confirm that the 5G nodes are still active (this wasn’t purely a publicity stunt like some have implied). But, for large portion of the day, the our Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone (we bought a unit at Verizon’s flagship Chicago store on launch day) did fall out of sync with both Verizon’s 5G and even 4G LTE signal. 

That’s right, we were operating on a 3G speeds for the better part of day two. Was it a network problem? Was it a hardware problem? We’ll never know. But a reset of the phone solved the issue and were we back up to 4G LTE and, in designated spots, 5G.

Day 3: More 5G speed downloads, but uploads are 4G

We are back on track with 5G speeds in Chicago during Day 3, as we reset the Galaxy S10 5G (which was getting abysmal 3G speeds yesterday for some reason). Some 5G cell sites atop lampposts were only dolling out 700Mbps (like we experienced with the Moto Z3 with the 5G Moto Mod), while we did get over 1Gbps again today.

What we found interesting is that uploads speeds remain the same, squarely in 4G LTE territory. In fact, when connected to Verizon’s 5G UWB, upload speeds peaked at a very normal 67Mbps. We did end up with 79Mbps on the uplink once, but that was in a 4G LTE speed test, so there’s really no 5G upload speed news to break yet.

Latency ranges from 30ms down to 17ms on 5G, which is slightly better than what we saw during 4G LTE tests, but not by much.

Clearly, 5G has growing pains. At nearly 1.4Gbps in our raw speeds tests, according to our speed tests, it shows tremendous promise. But blanketing the entire city of Chicago is going to take some time. Even saying 5G is more of a 2020 thing than a 2019 thing sounds hopeful at times.

We’ll continue to update our week-long 5G test as we get more time the the Galaxy S10 5G and compare it to 4G LTE in Chicago.

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is finally here in all it’s camp glory. For some it’s a guilty pleasure, for others it’s an excuse to get all your mates round and embrace the sequins and general madness. The Tel Aviv Convention Centre in Israel is all prepared for the 64th edition of the annual singing extravaganza, but are you struggling to know where to watch it? You’ve landed in the right place to find out with TechRadar’s 2019 Eurovision live stream guide – it doesn’t even matter where on Earth you are.

With the “Big Five” of the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain qualifying automatically alongside the hosts and a further 20 coming from the two semi-finals, we’re now all set for the 26 act final event. That’s where the real business begins, with acts from the Netherlands, Russia and Sweden the early favorites to take home the trophy and the right to host next year’s event.

Once everyone has performed Madonna is set to take to the stage for a highly anticipated performance. Word is that she’ll be performing the incredible Like a Prayer, in addition to one of her new tracks.

Winners are then picked based on viewers’ votes and with up to 20 votes available per song, it’s important to play your part if you want to be involved. So watching the event is key and we’re going to tell you exactly how you can live stream the Eurovision 2019 song contest from wherever you are in the world. You can also scroll further down the page to discover more about this year’s event and some of our favorite bits from its rich history.

How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest from outside your country

This year the grand final will be available to watch via the Eurovision YouTube channel. This means easy access through any device that you can get at YouTube with. The downside? You’ll miss out on the commentary (or perhaps that’s a positive if you’re hosting a Eurovision party and really like the limelight).

If you’re more interested in watching your home country’s coverage – and there are details on watching in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada further down this page – but you’re abroad this week, then you’ll soon discover that the Eurovision goodness is geo-blocked by the broadcaster. Annoying, if you take particular delight in your domestic coverage. But the good news is that there’s another way to get hold of it.

How to live stream Eurovision 2019 in the UK for FREE:

Good old aunty Beeb will be broadcasting the entire Eurovision Song Contest for free (assuming you have a TV Licence, of course). That means you can watch the main final via the BBC One on your TV from 8pm BST but it also means you can enjoy it online and on mobile via the iPlayer with Graham Norton as your wise-cracking host.

Representing the UK is 21-year-old singer Michael Rice who was voted in after competing on the BBC’s You Decide selection show. He will sing a song called “Bigger Than US” which was written by Laurell Barker, Anna-Khara Folin, Jonas Thander, and John Lundvik.

Outside the UK this week? Fear not, as you can follow our instructions above to use a VPN and watch as if you were back in blighty. So that means no need to miss out on Graham Norton’s unique take on the whole thing. Once downloaded, installed and a UK server has been chosen, head over to TVPlayer.com for a steady, free stream.

How to live stream Eurovision 2019 in Australia for FREE:

Since Australia’s SBS is airing the whole final it should be easy to enjoy it on the big screen. That also means you can get all the fun online using the SBS On Demand service that works on multiple devices – ideal if you’re on the go. Just remember to set your alarm if you want to watch all the singers live, as the show begins at 5am AEST. It’s all set to be the biggest vote since, well…actually, scrap that.

Find out more in our full guide on live streaming Eurovision in Australia.

How to stream Eurovision live in New Zealand this year:

New Zealand’s usual Eurovision broadcaster, UKTV, doesn’t appear to be airing the event this year. But you don’t need to be home in New Zealand to enjoy. You can still watch all the action online using a VPN. Check out how easy that is up the page with our handy guide.

Once you’ve sorted that, the next step is working out how you’ll get up early enough to watch it!

How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest in the US:

It doesn’t look like there’ll be any dedicated stateside broadcaster showing 2019 Eurovision. Sorry.

Luckily, there’s always that YouTube coverage. Or, if you want a more thorough watching experience, grab a VPN and watch via another country’s home broadcaster.

How to live stream Eurovision 2019 in Canada:

This year OMNI Television will broadcast the Eurovision 2019 event in Canada. Not heard of it? It’s a specialist multicultural station, so Eurovision is an obvious fit.

But if you’re out of Canada at the time but are still interested, scroll up to see how you can enjoy the contest using a VPN. It means you can watch everything for free from elsewhere on a tablet or phone.

Eurovision 2019 FAQ: Your questions answered

A symphony of staccato shutter snaps filled the air. Xenon gas strobed from dozens of camera flashes. Capcom was visiting a meat processing plant with a trove of camera equipment.

Iron-stomached photographers shot photo after photo of wild game meat along with ivory bones and flowing blood. Afterwards, they ordered tofu and pizza, but not to cleanse their palates. Those, too, were photographic fodder. 

The meat, bones, blood, and viscera translated into zombified flesh in their recent remake of Resident Evil 2. The tofu photographs helped them create the character Tofu from the game’s eponymous Tofu Survivor mode. As for the pizza, that was actually one of the first images audiences saw in the game’s E3 2018 trailer as a rat skittered across it.

The ability to scan objects and then separately collect texture data has existed for some time, but photogrammetry captures both at once. Streamlining that process allows us to create accurate, properly textured 3D models faster than ever before.

Members of the RE2 dev team

The process that Capcom employed to transduce multitudes of photos into what players saw reflected in their world of undeath is called photogrammetry, and Capcom has been tapping into the art and technique of this process since 2017’s Resident Evil 7.

“The photos we take are able to capture fine-grained details such as an object’s texture, which in turn allows us to create realistic, high-quality 3D models,” members of the Resident Evil 2 development team told us in an interview. 

“The ability to scan objects and then separately collect texture data has existed for quite some time, but photogrammetry captures both at once. Streamlining that process allows us to create accurate, properly textured 3D models faster than ever before.”

Streamlining processes like rendering is key when you want to make big budget games: it reduces cost, saves time and ultimately, creates a better product – in this case, one of the highest-rated games of 2019.

Photogrammetry 101 

The field of photogrammetry uses photographs to take precise and advanced measurements and has applications that range from cartography to archaeology.

The game industry has, over the last several years, adopted the science of photogrammetry to create highly detailed 3D models like the those found in Resident Evil 2’s art deco museum-turned-police station and the sanitized white laboratory stained in stark relief with arterial spurts of blood.

This process works by first taking an array of overlapping photos of a subject from all angles to build a comprehensive set of measurements of the subject in 3D space. The photos are then stitched together using specialized software which takes into accounts for scale, angle, and perspective. In that way, a series of 2D images become a seamless 3D reconstruction.

Overlapping aerial photographs can be used to create topographical maps, whereas 3D modelers more often get up close and personal with their subjects in employing this technique.

Photogrammetry is also remarkably scaleable. A cursory glance around the internet reveals tutorials on how to do rudimentary photogrammetry with a smartphone camera. Of course, the technology employed by AAA-development studios is a bit more advanced than that.

A match made in heaven (or… hell) 

This versatile approach to creating high-fidelity 3D models has allowed Capcom to push the boundaries into literally photorealistic territory. Not only can it be applied to architecture and organic materials, but facial capture and even details as minute as creases and wrinkles in clothing as well.

“For Resident Evil 2, we hired live models who fit the descriptions of our characters, fitted them with the appropriate costumes, and then used photogrammetry to capture the data from which we built the 3D models. The process was pretty similar to filming a live-action movie. Many of the objects in the game were created using the same process,” the developers told us. 

“Something we had to contend with in this game was the difference in size between the stunt actors and the facial model actors. We had to find a way to link the two of them by performing some initial facial scans to use as a target. We also use photogrammetry to capture the contortions that appear in the actors’ outfits as they move around and in their faces as they emote.”

To accomplish this, Capcom’s 3D-scanning studio houses 141 commercially available digital single-lens reflex cameras across two booths. One booth is dedicated to creating lavishly-detailed full-body scans composited from photos taken across 103 camera, while the other 38 reside in a separate booth dedicated to facial scans. 

According to Capcom, the number of photos needed per object or person is directly proportional to the desired quality. They took, on average, about 100 photos for each model in the game for things like …

Is the future of gaming picture-perfect? 

According to the Resident Evil 2 development team, there are a few drawbacks to employing photogrammetry – some objects can be cost-prohibitive to either procure or manufacture, while other objects that are constantly in motion (like trees and foliage that could sway in the wind) can introduce noise into the 3D data when converted if they move during the scanning process. 

That’s also not even mentioning the setup cost, which is rather sizable when you factor in a scanning studio and acquiring the equipment therein.

“However, assuming the object we want is easily deliverable, the quality of the final product compared to what’s possible with traditional methods is more than worth the extra cost,” according to Capcom. “We take the investment and operating costs of the photogrammetry studio into consideration as well, but we think this is an incredibly effective way to create assets, particularly in terms of the quality most contemporary games demand.”

That is why photogrammetry has continued to leave a footprint on the game development industry, and why Capcom has said they will continue to utilize it for their future projects. 

Moreover, Capcom tells us, they are looking towards a future where it isn’t something noteworthybut another commonplace tool in the belts of creators.

“Photogrammetry will eventually cease to be special, and in some ways it’s already reaching that point. What’s important is to have a kind of auteur mindset that is always aiming for higher quality and bringing even more value to the title. Photogrammetry is, in the end, just a part of the foundation used to create games and images.”

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the smartest wearables on the market. Its thoughtful styling makes it an absolute pleasure to wear and its wide range of features mean it’s one of the most useful smartwatches out there. It’s so good in fact that it tops our best smartwatch list.

But as with all these watches it’s nice to add some flair and personality to your Samsung Galaxy Watch, and one of the best ways to do this is to find a strap that gives it a new look. Perhaps you want to switch straps depending on what you’re doing. A silicone band for exercise with a metal strap for nights out.

The good news is that there are loads of custom options for the Samsung Galaxy Watch that allow you to breathe some extra personality into yours, so we’ve been out hunting for the best bands and straps to make your watch reflect your personality.

The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes – 46mm and 42mm – so we’ll be clear about compatibility with each band. 

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability and unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Image credit: Kades

The Kades Soft Silicone Band is one that allows easy removal, which means you can swap it out with different bands depending on your mood, or what you’re going to be doing during the day. The silicone band is ideal for heavy workouts, as it’s breathable and waterproof.

The pin clasp means that it’s easy to put on or remove, as well as keeping the watch nice and secure on your wrist. A massive range of colors and versions for both sizes of Galaxy Watches make this an excellent choice for those looking for a good all-round band on a budget.

Image credit: MroTech

It’s probably not much of a stretch to say that the MroTech Sport Loop borrows from the really excellent Apple Watch straps which use a similar ‘hook and loop’ fastening system to make them super-adjustable and simple to put on.

Nice design and a good selection of colors mean this is a great way to pick your style and make your watch stand out. MroTech has straps for both sizes of Galaxy Watch too, and like many of the bands here they will fit a wide range of smartwatches that use the same size fitting.

A sensible price and great design make this a really nice choice for many people.

Image credit: Goseth

Look, there’s no point pretending we don’t still love the Milanese loop strap design. The delicate look combined with its “wear with everything” practicality makes these styles pretty compelling to almost anyone. Perhaps not ideal for intense workouts, but a pretty good all-rounder nonetheless.

And the Goseth is an affordable option too, giving you bags of style without decimating your bank balance. The magnetic clasp is convenient and simple but by its very nature doesn’t lend itself to high-stress situations, so perhaps invest in something else if you’re always running marathons.

Image credit: TRUMiRR

For a modest price the TRUMiRR Stainless Steel strap brings a rather fetching two-color design to the Galaxy Watch. The high-end look makes this an ideal pairing with Samsung’s super-fancy smartwatch and should catch some admiring looks from friends.

We also really like the hassle-free clasp, which requires you press buttons on either side of the strap to release it. This should keep your watch securely on your wrist and prevent any accidents – essential when you’re dealing with an expensive smartwatch!

Image credit: Samsung

It’s not the most cost-effective band you can buy and there are loads of third-party silicone straps that are cheaper, but for a lot of people, sticking with Samsung for your Galaxy Watch accessories is essential.

We do however really like the design and color of the Blue version of this strap. While the Black and Natural Grey are both fine in their own way, the blue color makes this strap a little more interesting. The traditional watch-style notched clasp isn’t the most funky we’ve seen, but it will keep the watch on securely.

Image credit: Samsung

For some reason the color options are much better for the 20mm straps (which fit the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch) than the 22mm ones. Anyone who loves a nice bright color will enjoy the Violet and Pink bands, but we think the audacious Yellow is absolutely banging.

Samsung’s silicone bands are well-suited to exercise and should last a long time, but the traditional strap clasp is a bit frustrating as these designs can be a little uncomfortable for workouts. We’d prefer to see an Apple-style clip, but we can live with Samsung’s choice too.

Image credit: Samsung

Samsung knows that people may want to swap watch straps regularly, so the Hybrid Sport Strap allows for very quick removal and installation. That’s super-handy if you want to use different bands for different outfits or activities.

The combination of both leather and rubber means that the Hybrid Sport is hard-wearing but looks as classy as an all-leather strap does. You get a splash of color, which can either be bright and bold or a bit more conservative – ideal for all tastes.

It’s a bit expensive, especially compared to third-party bands, but it does offer some of the nicest design we’ve seen on a watch strap.

Tell us we aren’t the only ones that get emotional when Abide With Me is belted out immediately before the FA Cup Final. We aren’t? Phew! The stage is set at Wembley Stadium for the climax of the 2018/19 English football season. Manchester City and Watford are set to do battle under the now-famous arch. Is the outcome a foregone conclusion? Or is there a shock in the air? Whoever you’re cheering on, you can get a Man City vs Watford live stream in the 2019 FA Cup Final wherever you are – the time is here.

No matter how big a Hornet’s fan you are, there’s no denying that Man City are overwhelming favourites for this game.

A quick look at their team sheet (and how much the club has spent on players) should tell you everything you have to know. Aguero. Kompany. De Bruyne. Sterling. Sane. Silva squared. And with Pep Guardiola calling the shots from the bench, there aren’t many games that the blue side of Manchester go into as second favourites. And now with the Premier League and EFL Cup in the trophy cabinet, the historic treble is well and truly on.

It’s Watford’s first FA Cup Final appearance since 1984 and they will likely lean on influential leader and club captain Troy Deeney who will lead the line and set the tone and tempo for his team mates. With flair players Maxi Pereyra and semi-final hero Gerard Deulofeu, Watford have the creativity and skill in midfield to trouble the Wolves defense, but they certainly won’t have it all their own way. 

You can watch the players try to carve out their little piece of history by getting a live stream of all the FA Cup final action from wherever on Earth you are. Below we’re going to talk you through the best ways to watch the FA Cup final in the UK and the rest of the world so you can ensure you can easily live stream one of the biggest matches in the footballing calendar.

How to live stream FA Cup final in the UK for free:

Live stream the FA Cup final from outside your country

In the US? Then keep scrolling, as we have your viewing options below…spoiler alert, you’ll need an ESPN+ subscription. And footy fans Down Under, in Canada and in India can also see who’s broadcasting there.

But if you’re abroad for the game and find that you can’t watch your home coverage online because it is geo-blocked, we have a handy alternative to allow you to watch as if you were back on your sofa.

How to watch the FA Cup final: US live stream

How to watch Man City vs Watford live: Australia stream

How to live stream the FA Cup Final 2019 in Canada

How to live stream Man City vs Watford football in India

Read more:

The waiting is over…it’s time for MMA fans to turn their attention to the Octagon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That’s where Rose Namajunas and Jessica Andrade – as well as plenty more UFC stars – will do battle tonight, and you’re in the right place to discover how to get a UFC 237 live stream – it doesn’t even matter where in the world you are.

The UFC’s big brawl in Brazil is looking like one not to be missed and the Women’s Strawweight title bout is just the tip of the iceberg. A particularly brutal iceberg.

One of the key highlights for fans wanting to see a local hero, Anderson Silva is just the ticket. He may be from Sao Paulo, but the former middleweight champion had one of the very longest title reigns in history of UFC, making him a favorite of Brazilians all over the country. He’s set to fight Jared Cannonier.

And then there’s José Aldo fighting Alexander Volkanovski, with the former a three time UFC champion and currently still one of the best fighters in the featherweight division. The Rio crowd will blow the roof off if he wins on the night. And that’s all before you even get to Namajunas vs Andrade.

Whoever you’re cheering on during this weekend’s MMA action, we’ll show you how to live stream UFC 237’s main card from anywhere in the world – for US viewers, you should just head straight to ESPN+.

Live stream UFC from outside your country

Worry not if you’re a huge UFC fan but aren’t in the US to watch that ESPN+ coverage this weekend. If you find the coverage is geo-blocked, you can try using a VPN to change your IP address to a US server and watch this week’s main card just as if you were back at home.

How to watch UFC online in the US exclusively on ESPN

Gone are the days of watching UFC on cable television as ESPN+ has now secured the rights to show UFC 237 as well as all upcoming UFC Fight Nights. ESPN+ has already made a name for itself by hosting big-ticket tennis, soccer and boxing events.

If you don’t already have a subscription, then the way to go seems to be a UFC Bundle, costing you $79.99. That won’t just buy you the UFC 237 PPV, but you’ll get a year-long subscription to ESPN+ (that would normally cost $60 alone).

For those that already have an ESPN+ subscription, you can still buy access to UFC 237 for $59.99

Got your subscription or bundle sorted but find yourself outside the US this weekend? Scroll up the page and take a look at our advice for using a VPN to watch the UFC 237 live stream from outside your country.

Live stream UFC 237 in the UK 

Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon is a beast of a machine, but in a good way. It’s the end product of a business that was started up in Seattle by two childhood friends. Their love of bikes has resulted in a growing company that has its headquarters in the Pacific North West city. Unsurprisingly, however, Rad Power Bikes also has an office in Utrecht, Holland.

The European base is an obvious one as Holland is bike central on this side of the pond. It’s also a country where you’ll see all manner of bicycles. But even Dutch people, who think they’ve seen it all when it comes to two-wheelers, do a double-take when they clap eyes on the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon. What we have here, says the company, is an electric cargo bike.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon battery

14Ah lithium-ion battery (Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

Which is where the ‘beast’ bit of the equation comes in. Rad Power Bikes says in its promotional blurb that this is a bike that’s designed to replace your car. That’s a bold claim, but in some ways it’s kinda true. The RadWagon boasts a longtail frame, which although being a similar width to a conventional bike, means that it’s able to carry adults, kids and cargo happily, and in equal measure.

The other not-so-secret weapon in the specification of the RadWagon is its muscular e-bike credentials. This two-wheeler comes with a beefier battery than you get on a normal e-bike, due in part to the extra weight and load capacity it has to move from A to B. What’s more, once you get on and use it you soon realise that the RadWagon isn’t so much a bicycle as an electric scooter. Yep, it’s got a twist-grip throttle on the handlebars. This allows you to take off and get the wind whistling through your hair without pedalling. It’s a revelation.

Serious carrying power

Rad Power Bikes’ RadWagon falls under the L1e-A electric bike category, which puts it in a very good place. Indeed, the Rad Power Bikes website explains:  L1e-A ‘powered cycles’ are defined as cycles designed to pedal, equipped with an auxiliary propulsion with the primary aim to aid pedaling. The propulsion should be limited at a speed of 25kmph and its maximum continuous rated power should not exceed 1,000W. L1e-A includes two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon hub

750W direct drive hub motor (Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

So what’s the deal, we wondered, with having what is effectively an electric scooter at your disposal. Does it need a licence? The back end of the frame has a licence plate mounting point, which suggests so, but after checking rules and regulations, we found that the bike doesn’t have to be licensed in the UK (where we tested it). That isn’t necessarily the case in other territories, but is surprising when you’ve got a powerful 750W 48V power system at your disposal via a direct drive hub that also benefits from regenerative braking.

The boost in power is substantial, as most standard EU-based e-bikes fall into the 250W category. Sure, the RadWagon is bulkier and a lot heavier – over 33kg in fact – but Rad Power Bikes insists that’s because it’s designed to replace your car rather than your road bike. We can actually see their point about its potential for making you decide to leave the car at home. 

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon brakes

180mm mechanical disc brakes (Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

For example, the RadWagon makes it easy to nip to the store, buy a bunch of groceries and load them onto the back of the two-wheeler without breaking into a sweat. And you’ll have done it all in the time that normally you’d still be looking for a parking space in the car.

Amazingly, it can also carry an adult and a couple of small children using child seats correctly mounted on the back. Even in its standard guise there is a long wooden flat seat along with twin running boards that allows passengers to climb on board and enjoy the ride. It’s quirky, and it gets heads turning, but the RadWagon is much more capable than those lesser 250W e-machines. In fact, the only real downside is you’ll be held up on your travels as people stop to ask you what it is.

A lot of bike for your money

We recently got to try a Rad Power Bikes RadWagon, and the giant-sized bike is quite a thing. This substantial two-wheeler costs €1,799 all-in (about $2,000, £1,500, AU$3,000), which seems like a pretty good price, though spare/replacement battery packs are a considerable €599 (about $650, £500, AU$1,000) should you ever need one.

Nevertheless, you certainly get a lot for your money because the bike sports a strong design, good build quality and lots of quality components. The chainset, for example, is Shimano and that means you get silky smooth gear changes and dependability.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon tires

Kenda K-Shield puncture-resistant tires (Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

Other areas, like the beefy road tires with their K-Shield puncture-resistant linings that are made to handle heavy-duty scenarios add another level of comfort, while the front and rear disc brakes are great at stopping you and your weighty cargo. Handy when you’ve got a couple of kids and a bunch of shopping on board, for sure. Even the saddle is kind to your behind if you’re on the bike for any amount of time, while the overall riding position is upright, relaxed and really very enjoyable.

There’s some work to be done when the bike arrives however. While most of it is assembled, you’ll need to use the supplied toolkit to adjust the handlebars, add the pedals and also the running boards. You also need to put the front mudguard and headlight into position, and make all the other usual adjustments to ensure the ride height is right and so on. The front wheel, incidentally, is of the quick-release variety.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon tail light

Integrated tail light with brake lights (Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

Oh, and there’s also a neat feature in the shape of the deflopilator spring. This is basically a spring that runs between the frame and the forks. It makes sense as cargo bikes carry heavier loads and the deflopilator stops your front wheel from turning too far and running out from underneath you if you’re stopped or are parking it up.

The double stand is another neat touch that means that bike really is secure when this has been dropped down. Another cool feature are the lights, with an LED rear brake strip that illuminates when you pull on either brake leaver. Brake lights on a pushbike! 

Range and charging

Powering up the bike is easy enough, after you’ve charged the frame-mounted battery via the mains. You turn a key on the battery pack and then start the handlebar-mounted LCD display. This shows your speed, watts and there’s an odometer too so you can keep track of your mileage.

Power is shown with a bar/block design. Rad Power Bikes reckons you can expect between 40 and 72km on a charge, although that depends what you’re hauling around and which mode you’re in. Eco is obviously the way to go if you want ultimate battery economy. You even get USB power charging for good measure.

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon cargo rack

Long tail rear cargo rack (Image credit: Rad Power Bikes)

Don’t forget that the RadWagon is a regular bike too, so that seven-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain lets you do plain old pedalling if you prefer. That in itself is a good workout as you notice the extra weight of the bike. One thing you do notice is the length of the chain, which is lengthier than on a normal bike due to the long-wheelbase frame. We did wonder if this would be prone to stretching over time, although it’s too early to say. As for recharging, the battery took on average around five or six hours to get back to 100%.

Overall, we found the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon to be a great little (or should that be big) bike. While we got the impression that some of the component parts had been sourced from cheaper outlets in China, the overall feel is that this is a decent quality cargo bike. The price certainly reflects that. It’s a lot of fun too, handles surprisingly well even when you’ve got people or cargo on board and works well as just a pushbike if you’ve managed to drain the battery. 

The RadWagon also comes in either bright orange or pearl white, and either incarnation is easy to spot, which is another bonus for any bicycle rider. Just be prepared for all the attention you’ll get when you rock up to your local supermarket.

If Monster Hunter World completely passed you by when it released last year, you can make up for lost time by trying it out in a free trial on PS4 right now. 

From now until May 20, PlayStation 4 owners are able to play through the opening parts of Capcom’s monstrously fun game. 

If you access the trial you’ll get to experience two of the five locations from the full game: Wildspire Waste and the Ancient Forest. You’ll be able to quest, explore and play online with players who own the full game. If you decide you’d quite like to keep hunting monsters and wish to pick up the full title, any progress you make in the trial will be carried over. 

Time to slay

This trial is perfectly timed for new players as Capcom has recently unveiled its DLC for Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. If this trailer caught your attention, the free trial is a great way to test out the base game before committing yourself when the expansion releases in September this year.

In our review, we gave Monster Hunter World a “Play It Now” recommendation for the “careful refinement” and energy it brings to the classic series. If you start the free trial now, you’ll have a good number of days to see what all the fuss is about. 

Last week, Anki, creator of adorable robots that are part toy, part virtual assistant and part pet, went out of business. “It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Anki has ceased product development and we are no longer manufacturing robots,” the company said in a statement, which promised to help owners keep enjoying their little mechanical pals for as long as possible.

So what went wrong? Why did Anki – a company that had attracted a huge amount of funding and interest in its earlier days – find itself so strapped for cash that it had to pull the plug? Why aren’t we welcoming little bots into our lives?

Anki Cozmo

Vector’s expressions were designed by a professional character artist (Image credit: Anki)

They’re too expensive

Robot vacuum cleaners are one thing – we might feel a little affection towards them, but they’re very utilitarian. When it comes to robots for fun and companionship, we’re much more hesitant.

One of the simplest explanations is cost: robots of any sort don’t come cheap, and that’s a big problem if your machine is seen as a toy with a limited shelf-life. Why pay over $100 for something that’ll be gathering dust on a shelf in a few months’ time.

Mekamon, by Reach Robotics, is an augmented reality battle-bot that retails for a cool $250/£250 (about AU$350). Today it can be found strutting around Apple stores, demonstrating the iPhone’s augmented reality chops, but getting the first units off the production line was a long, hard, expensive process.

After receiving a small dose of startup funding, the young company’s founders and one employee spent six months in constant crunch mode, working for 18 hours a day in San Diego and barely seeing the sun.

Reach Robotics, creator of Mekamon, has committed to supporting all previous versions of its robot so they don’t become obsolete (Image credit: Reach Robotics)

“I was trying to go surfing and I went once, in the end,” chief operating officer John Rees told TechRadar when we visited the company last year. “San Diego’s a cracking spot for that, and I managed to get there once. That’s life as a startup, though.”

Once the company was ready to start actually making bots, the hard graft continued, and the founders spent a week at the production line making the first 20 by hand. Heartbreakingly, many of those early models then had to be tested to destruction to make sure they were safe to sell.

To justify its price to potential owners, Reach is thinking long-term. Although Mekamon is now in its second iteration, the company plans to continue supporting all its legacy bots. If you buy one of its charming spiders today, it won’t become obsolete when the next model hits the shelves.

The company also keeps its bots updated with new modes and games in its mobile app, meaning they keep growing and improving over time.

They’ll soon be outdated

Colorado-based robot-maker Sphero found its bots lacking the long-term appeal to justify their price, which resulted in it backing away from a seemingly lucrative licensing deal with Disney. Although bots like the iPhone-operated BB-8 and Lightning McQueen sold well when their associated films were still showing in theaters, interest soon tailed off and sales dropped.

As a result, Sphero decided to move its attention to its own educational bots, which are designed with schools in mind and won’t date like a product tied to a movie. It was a bold move, but one that seems to have paid off.

“We at Sphero are in a unique position since we are a category leader in this space and already partner with more than 40,000 teachers across all subjects at 20,000 schools,” the company told TechRadar in a statement.

Sphero BB-8

Despite their short-term popularity, Sphero decided to move away from licensed robots to develop its own educational bots (Image credit: Sphero)

“To date, more than 1.4 million students have been positively impacted through Sphero Edu and our work to educate kids surrounding technology and computer science. We have an entire team dedicated to working with teachers and administrators in order to bring Sphero into the classroom.”

By thinking big and making sure that Sphero is about more than just the hardware, it was able to offer schools and parents something that will stay useful for years to come.

We don’t trust them

Another reason we’re hesitant to allow robots to trundle across our floors and interact with our kids is safety. Almost all bots you can buy today are voice-activated, and most are internet-connected too, which means they could potentially be compromised.

A couple of years ago, TechRadar attended a demo of the Bitdefender Box hardware firewall, where the company demonstrated just how easy it is to take control of a smart device that’s not properly secured. Hard-coded admin logins, firmware that’s impossible to update, and unpatched vulnerabilities in cheap hardware mean a complete stranger can take control of a shoddily made device with just a few clicks and keystrokes.

It’s no wonder Christmas each year sees a raft of headlines about the risks of handing your child what’s essentially a cuddly webcam. Companies like Anki, Sphero and Reach take their responsibilities seriously and take every precaution, but it’s going to be a worry at the back of parents’ minds when they’re filling their virtual carts.

They aren’t useful enough

Science fiction often presents robots as companions, but they always serve a practical purpose as well – R2-D2 is a stocky little engineering bot, Wall-E picks up trash and the Terminator, er, terminates.

Anki’s bots do a tremendous amount – particularly Vector, which can answer questions, tell you the weather, play games and recognize its owner’s face, all while joyfully roaming across the floor. A recent update also blessed it with Amazon Alexa support, granting it control over all your smart home devices.

iRobot Roomba

It’s the useful but mundane robots that seem to have made themselves comfortable in our houses and apartments (Image credit: iRobot)

Unfortunately, apart from smiling at you and whizzing around your feet, most of that can also be accomplished by an Amazon Echo Dot. The robots that are more widely accepted tend to be those that take the strain out of everyday chores – bots for vacuuming, mopping and cleaning windows.

Perhaps if Cozmo and Vector had been able to clean the floor while they whizzed across them, more people might have been willing to adopt them – especially if they did it with a cheeky smile.

Nintendo has finally (finally!) announced the next generation of Pokémon games coming to Nintendo Switch: Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Using Nintendo’s favored method of new game announcements – Direct presentations – The Pokémon Company has now released a brief trailer giving a quick look at the new Pokémon games. 

With a release date set for late 2019, there are only months to go before Pokémon fans get another fix on their Switch consoles.

2018’s Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee games acted as a sort of reboot of the original Red and Blue titles for the Nintendo Gameboy, and for many didn’t count as a ‘core’ Pokémon experience. Pokémon Sword and Shield are the first mainline Pokémon games to come to Nintendo Switch, and expectations will be high.

So what do we know, and what are we hoping to see when Pokémon Sword and Shield launch this year? Read on to find out.

[Update: Nintendo has announced the time and date of its E3 2019 livestream. This could be the perfect time for Game Freak to reveal more about Pokémon Sword and Shield.]

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The eighth-generation of Pokémon games
  • When can I play it? It’ll be late 2019
  • What can I play it on? Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image credit: Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield: release date

Not long to wait now… The Pokémon Direct confirmed the late 2019 release date we heard from the official Pokémon Twitter account last year.

Given the usual releases of mainline Pokémon games, we expect to see Sword and Shield land in mid-November, just in time for the holiday season.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: trailers

The presentation doesn’t give too much away, but you can see the first glimpse of the environments and art style in the trailer below – without any in-game footage. 

You also get a first look at three new starter Pokémon: the fire-rabbit Scorbunny, twig-monkey Grookey, and a sad-looking tadpole (sadpole?) called Sobble.

Pokémon Switch news and rumors

Nintendo E3 2019 Direct announced

E3 2019 is fast approaching and Nintendo has now confirmed the time and date it will be streaming its Nintendo Direct. The video will go live on Tuesday June 11 at 5pm BST/ 9am PT/ 12pm ET. Nintendo has also confirmed that it will be bringing back its Treehouse livestreams which will go live each day of the show, showing off gameplay from upcoming releases. 

Nintendo hasn’t released any kind of schedule for either its Direct stream or its Treehouse streams so there’s no guarantee of what will appear, but naturally we’re hoping that Pokémon Sword and Shield will emerge from the tall grass at some point. The Treehouse livestreams especially would be a fantastic place for Game Freak to show off a little more of the new Pokémon region and how we’ll be playing in it live on Switch. 

Made for handheld

While the Pokémon Let’s Go games were developed with TV mode in mind, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that Pokémon Sword and Shield will “emphasize the fun of playing Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.” Furukawa made the comments during Nintendo’s March 2019 Financial Results Briefing (via Nintendo Life).

Gym Masters

As spotted by We Got This Covered, a (now removed) tweet by Nintendo of America suggests Pokemon Sword and Shield will see Gym Leaders replaced by Gym Masters.

The tweet was accompanied with images showing in-game soccer stadiums, suggesting these will serve as gyms.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image credit: Nintendo

A whole new world

We know the game is set in a brand new region of Galar, rather than a rehash of Kanto or a previously visited territory. Galar seems to be loosely inspired by England’s cities and countryside, with rolling hills and brickwork cities to explore.

The trailer also showed glimpses of jewel-encrusted mines and what might even be a football stadium (see the kit below), though we’re waiting to see whether competing in a Pokémon-themed Football World Cup will be possible for players.

Brand new Pokémon

Yup, this is a new generation of Pokémon, meaning you’ll be seeing a lot of new faces – as well as a lot of old ones. The trailer gave us a mix of familiar Pokémon like Pikachu and Hoothoot along the new starters, and we’re hoping Game Freak manage to keep the new designs interesting (no ice cream or candelabra Pokémon, please.)

Modern to the core

Sword and Shield look to retain the look and 3D animation style of the Pokeémon Let’s Go games that launched on Nintendo Switch last year.

Pokémon games haven’t been flat 2D games in years, and has increasingly been moving towards full-size avatars and 3D environments. Some may miss the old-school pixel charm of the earlier games – and find the 3D creature models a bit bland – but for better or worse this is what we’re getting.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image credit: Nintendo

A fully-fledged Pokémon game

After the release of the simplified Pokémon Let’s Go titles, there had been concern amongst fans that the 2019 RPG wouldn’t offer the full gameplay experience they came to expect from mainline Pokémon games.

Head of the Pokémon Company Tzunekazu Ishihara assuaged these concerns in an interview with Famitsu magazine (via Siliconera). According to Ishihara, the 2018 Pokémon release will be a “completely different game” to Pokémon Let’s Go. “It’s is not an entry game,” he says, “but a game that we want long term fans of the Pokémon series to look forward to.”

Unlike the Let’s Go games, it looks like Sword and Shield will be maintaining the random encounters so core to the usual series’ gameplay, for example.

We don’t have much to go on aside from the recent trailer, though with a 2019 release we’re sure to see more of the titles at E3 2019 in June.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image credit: Nintendo

Swords and shields

The Sword and Shield titles seem out of character for a series used to using colors and letters to list its titles. The England-setting is curious given the titles, though. Our instinct says we could see a spin on Arthurian legend, maybe with players facing off against the Knights of the Round Table? It certainly wouldn’t be the most far-fetched thing we’ve seen in a Pokemon game.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if the game’s legendaries were based off the two wolves forming part of the Sword and Shield logos…

Pokémon Stars what?

What still confuses us is that we’ve been waiting for the long-rumored Pokémon Stars game for over two years now, after a 2016 report published by Eurogamer. published a report in late 2016 that said multiple sources had confirmed a new version of Pokémon Sun and Moon was being developed for the Switch under the code named Pokémon Stars. 

While it never materialized, ‘Stars’ could well have been a code-name for what eventually became the Let’s Go games, or could still prove a Switch port for the Sun and Moon games.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sun and Moon on 3DS (Image credit: Nintendo)

Pokémon Sword and Shield: what we want to see

That’s everything we know. Now let’s get into the things we’d love to see from the rumored game.

Better graphics and animations

Game Freak pushed the Nintendo 3DS to its absolute limits with Pokémon Sun and Moon (to the point where 3D support had to be removed). That means Game Freak is ready to move beyond the limitations of the 3DS and we’d fully expect to see graphical advancements in the Nintendo Switch version. 

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image credit: Nintendo

The graphics and animations in Sun and Moon were already excellent, definitely the best we’ve seen so far from a Pokémon game, but moving to Nintendo Switch could very well allow for sharper character and environment models and much more expressive character faces.

Integration with Let’s Go, obviously

As the only other Pokémon games to have come to the Switch, the ability to trade and battle with Pokémon Let’s Go games is an obvious feature to include in the new games. Being able to bring new eighth-generation Pokemon to the Let’s Go Kanto region, too, would be a neat perk if Game Freak allowed it.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image credit: Nintendo

More motion controls

The Let’s Go games put the Joy-Con controller’s motion controls to use for throwing Poke-balls, though we could imagine some other fun uses for Pokémon mini-games. Boxing with a Hitmonchan? Steering a surfing Lapras? Fishing on the Galar shoreline? Just give us things to do.

Amiibo Support

We want Pokémon Amiibo support. There, we said it. Though Pokken tournament and Detective Pikachu have Amiibo figurines, we want to see even more introduced for the brand new mainline Pokémon game. Whether they unlock new accessories for mini games, new items of clothing, or new moves, we just know these will be highly collectible and probably adorable. 

As endings go, The Last of Us’s was pretty conclusive. But as it turns out, that hasn’t stopped The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog from cranking out a sequel in the form of The Last of Us 2 – or, The Last of Us Part II if we’re using its proper name. 

Given the first game was hailed by players and critics alike as a masterpiece with excellent, emotional storytelling and engaging, realistic characters, we have to admit that the decision to release a follow-up isn’t particularly shocking. We’d probably have been more surprised if there wasn’t one. And yet, when The Last of Us 2 was first announced, we’d be lying if we said our heart didn’t skip a beat. 

The Last of Us 2 was first announced by Naughty Dog at PlayStation Experience in 2016 alongside a teaser trailer and as we’re now into 2019, we’re now hoping to hear an official release date any day now. 

Although we got a closer look at the game, Sony didn’t give us any hints during E3 2018 when we’d see the game, but it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll have to wait until 2019 to see what becomes of Ellie in the brutal post-cure world.

[Update: We could see an update for The Last of Us 2 before E3 2019.]

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The sequel to the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game The Last of Us
  • When can I play it? It’ll be a while from now, late 2019 or early 2020
  • What can I play it on? PlayStation 4

The Last of Us 2 trailers 

The most recent trailer we have for The Last of Us 2 was shown during E3 2018. This trailer finally gives us a look at Ellie in an intimate scene before cutting away to some of the brutal but stealth-based combat we can expect to see in the game when it’s launched.

The gameplay sequence gives us a look at Ellie fighting for her life in the wild. Success in a fight appears to require the right balance between stealth and all out attack as damage seems to have a more realistic impact. Ellie can move quietly between areas, taking weapons from bodies and crafting, before bursting out and taking down her enemies. 

See the gameplay for yourself below.

The Last of Us Part 2 had another trailer drop during PSX 2017. During a panel it was confirmed that the game will be set in the city of Seattle and the darker themes we know are coming were touched upon. You can watch the panel for yourself below:

Another trailer for the game was shown at Sony’s press conference during the 2017 Paris Games Week. This trailer is around 5 minutes long, focusing on conflicts between the human factions in the game. It shows part 2 is going to have a dark story, perhaps even darker than the first, and the trailer is fairly harrowing to watch. 

Visually impressive though it is, do note that it’s gory before you watch it for yourself below. 

The first look at the game came with its announcement at PlayStation Experience in 2016. Despite the fact that the game is early in development, the trailer showed a full (non-gameplay) scene that features both Ellie and Joel. You can watch it below:

The Last of Us 2 release date

The Last of Us 2 has been in the works for a while but we’re still waiting for a definite release date. Considering Naughty Dog has seen the bad side of promising a solid release date and missing it before it’s hard to blame them for not committing at this stage. 

In a recent interview with Vorterix, the game’s composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, said that it’s going to launch in 2019. Naturally, this hasn’t been confirmed so we’d take it with a pinch of salt. However, it doesn’t seem all that implausible as a release window given that in-game footage was only shown as recently as Paris Games Week.

What we know so far

We could see more before E3 2019

Sony isn’t coming to E3 2019 but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be making announcements around that time and a big update for The Last of Us Part 2 could be imminent. Hopes have been raised by an industry insider on a Resetera thread which discusses a potential release date for the game. User Aokiji, who has made some accurate leaks before, said “Considering we’re getting an official TLOU2 update before E3, would be really weird if it wasn’t 2019 now wouldn’t it .”

Now, any news that doesn’t come from Naughty Dog or Sony itself should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt. However, the time feels ripe for an update on the progress of the game. With E3 2019 only just over a month away, we don’t have long to wait to find out. 

Definitely coming to E3 2018

Sony has confirmed the time and date of its E3 conference as June 11 at 6pm PT/ 9am BST. And Sony Worldwide Studios boss, Shawn Layden, has confirmed during a PlayStation Blogcast that the Last of Us 2 will feature. Layden said that Sony has decided to “refresh and remake its show” and that fans can expect to see “deep dives”, gaining a better understanding of where Naughty Dog is and plans to go with the title. 

Mocap is underway

Things have been quiet on the official news front for The Last of Us 2 but we’ve been glad to see some studio insiders and actors from the game posting images on social media which show that the game’s motion capture is well underway. Actors Ashley Johnson and Shannon Woodward have both posted images of themselves wearing mocap suits. They didn’t give much away but the fact that Naughty Dog is this far into the motion capture process suggests we might at least be closer to hearing about a possible release date. 

Troy Baker is impressed

The Last of Us 2 is still in the works, but we now know that one of its lead voice actors, Troy Baker, has had an in-depth look and he thinks the game is ‘awesome’. It’s not clear whether Baker just saw some gameplay or had the chance to go hands-on himself but according to GameRant he said during MCM Comic Con at Birmingham “It’s a fantastic story. It’s a fantastic game. We just finished a playtest. It’s looking awesome. I can’t for it to be on shelves.” Though we can’t be sure where exactly in the development process it is (during PSX, it was said that Naughty Dog had reached around the 50 to 60% mark) this playtest is an encouraging sign. 


With Neil Druckmann having been promoted to Vice President of Naughty Dog, The Last of Us 2 now has two confirmed directors. Druckmann will, of course, still be heavily involved in the creation of the game but it’s now being headed up by Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau, both of whom were lead designers on Uncharted 4. 


Although it was no slouch in the gameplay department, it was the story told by The Last of Us that stuck with us for months afterwards. Naturally Naughty Dog had to give us some kind of hint about where the sequel would go. 

At the moment we know The Last of Us 2 will take place in the city of Seattle, five years after the end of the original game, with a 19 year old Ellie taking the starring playable role. Joel will still appear in the game but if the teaser trailer is anything to go by, he could be a much more passive presence. 

This time around, Ellie is extremely angry about…something. From what we saw from the teaser trailer she wants revenge, which to her appears to be a dish best served deadly. 

She does, after all, promise to “kill every last one of them.” It’s not clear who “them” is but it could signal that the Fireflies, the first game’s well-meaning but morally grey antagonists, will make a return. Anger, hate and revenge are going to be key themes this time around so expect to be in for an emotionally heavy ride. 

As Joel is such a passive presence in the trailer there’s been speculation that he’s actually dead, appearing in Ellie’s mind’s eye, and Ellie’s anger and vengeance will be directed at those who caused his death. This isn’t entirely unlikely but it’s purely speculation at this point. It is worth pointing out, however, that Neil Druckmann did reveal in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle that this announcement trailer footage is not a scene that will actually take place in the real game. 

In the trailer for the game shown at Paris Games Week in 2017, we got a look at how dark the game is likely to be. The trailer focuses on the opposing relationships between human characters in the game and features some seriously cringe-inducing violence. 

It doesn’t tell us much about any new characters of how they’ll relate to one another but it does confirm that we’re going into a dark game world in The Last of Us part 2. 

In a recent panel at PSX both Druckmann and Gross said that though the game’s story will indeed be dark and there’ll be a focus on the theme of hate, “there is hope” and there will be “lighthearted moments.” 

We can’t pretend we’re not relieved to hear this after the game’s controversial Paris Games Week trailer which, Druckmann said, was intended to highlight the game’s exploration of the pursuit of justice.

Ellie is one of the most real and refreshing characters we’ve seen in gaming so it’s exciting that Naughty Dog are going to take her story further and put her in center stage. 

The creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann has said that the story will be about Ellie and Joel’s relationship and that though the story would be complementary to the story of the first game, it would be much larger. 

When asked at a PSX panel whether or not Joel or Ellie may die, Druckmann responded that “no one is safe” highlighting that the game’s story really could go anywhere. 

Hopes are particularly high for this larger story as it’s been revealed that one of the writers of Westworld, Halley Gross, will be co-writing the game’s story. Having someone who’s written scripts for such an incredibly popular and successful show should be a boon for the game’s story. 


Not much is being said about gameplay at the moment. Neil Druckmann said at a PSX Panel that there would, however, be some differences as a result of Ellie being the playable character rather than Joel. 

“Ellie plays differently than Joel […] Some things are evolution, some things are reinvention, but there will be a gameplay reveal down the road.”

It’s hard to glean much from this, but if Naughty Dog take the approach that’s frequently taken with playable female characters, Ellie will probably be more swift on her feet than Joel was but perhaps less able to take damage. 

This won’t be the first time we’ve had the chance to play as Ellie, after the first game put us in her shoes for a short mission, but here the purpose of the mission was to make her feel weak in comparison to Joel. We can only hope her abilities will be expanded for the sequel. In the Paris Games Week trailer she certainly looks far physically stronger than she did in the first game. 

We expect to see much more in terms of gameplay from E3 2018 after Druckmann stated in the PSX panel that more details for the game would emerge at that event. 

What we’d like to see from The Last of Us 2

A new setting

Given that time has moved on 5 years from the end of the first game, it’d be nice to see Joel and Ellie in a new location too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be far from the setting of the first game but considering we have the two lead characters and their relationship to keep us tied to the first game, it’d be nice to play in a new location to keep things feeling fresh and make the introduction of new characters feel more plausible. 

Druckmann has said that this game’s story will be larger than the story of the first game and we imagine this necessitates a slightly more expansive setting.

More frightening enemies

The infected in the first game are terrifying and threatening and we want to see more of that. Things don’t have to change too much but new classes of enemy, new character designs and new ways to defeat them would be excellent. 

Considering we’ll be playing as Ellie now rather than Joel we imagine players will have to learn to take a different approach to combat anyway as it’s been said she’ll play differently.

It’d also be great to see more human enemies as well as the infected. We saw more than a few morally grey factions make an appearance in the first game so to expand on this and maybe introduce some more elements would be interesting. 

The exploration of the morality of humanity in post-apocalyptic scenes is always interesting, particularly considering in games you’re interacting with it directly and feeling its impact more strongly than in most mediums. 

The Last of Us 2 has the chance to make a real emotional impact through the human areas it presents us with.

The return of multiplayer

Multiplayer in The Last of Us was surprisingly good so we wouldn’t be averse to seeing it return here. If the game’s main story is going to be as heavy as we expect, it’d certainly be nice to have the option to break free for a while without leaving the game world and connect with others online. 

(Image credits: Naughty Dog)

At the AI Everything Summit in Dubai this week, Huawei presented a global AI development strategy that aims to help businesses to implement and integrate various AI solutions.

A key highlight was Huawei’s Atlas AI computing platform, which covers the cloud, edge, and terminal. And is based on Huawei’s self-developed Ascend series AI chips. The chips will feature in a variety of product forms such as a AI accelerator module, AI accelerator card, AI edge station and AI server, which meets the needs of cloud, edge and terminal all-scenario AI deployment.

Huawei also showcased the Atlas 510 AI Edge Station, which provides superior edge AI computing power into one all-inclusive package that is both water and dust proof. Its unique design means that it can be deployed to a variety of outdoor locations, including lamp poles. It could then be integrated into other systems such as traffic control, pedestrian monitoring, and security cameras to support real-time pedestrian and vehicle analytics.

Powering the intelligent transformation

While AI adoption is still in its infancy, Huawei feels that it’s a technology that will benefit several industries. Partner companies such as YITU and CCi Intelligence demonstrated AI applications in the fields such as campus, finance, power sector, medical care, and intellectual property protection, making AI applications easier to use and accelerating the intelligent transformation of the industry.

The company also intends to adopt a more heterogeneous computing model to run alongside existing computing architectures, which in turn would make AI adoption much more seamless. Through this much more manageable adoption, the company hopes to accelerate AI usage and adoption to at least 50% by the year 2024.

Starfield is going to be huge for Bethesda. It’s the gaming giant’s first new IP for 25 years and will be a single player game that marks the start of an all-new epic franchise. But just what is the game about? And, more importantly, when will we be able to play it?

Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference had plenty in store for fans of its much-loved franchises. We got the reveal of a Doom sequel and confirmation that The Elder Scrolls 6 is officially in development (finally).

One of the most shocking announcements, however, was for an entirely new IP named ‘Starfield‘: what Bethesda director Todd Howard called “our next-generation, single-player epic”.

Starfield will be a brand-new single-player RPG from the developer behind the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. Instead of the medieval fantasy or post-apocalyptic wasteland of its other tentpole franchises, however, this new game will be taking players to outer space.

[Update: Starfield isn’t likely to make an appearance at E3 2019. Read on to find out more.]

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A single-player RPG in outer space from the makers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls
  • What can I play it on? It’s almost certainly coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox, but we might have to wait for the next generation of consoles
  • When can I play it? No word yet, but we may be looking at later than 2020

Starfield release date

So far, what’s been released is a title, trailer and, well, promise of greatness to come.

With details so thin on the ground, the earliest we’d expect to see a Starfield game would be 2020. 

Bethesda Game Studios Director Todd Howard has stressed that “everyone should be very, very patient”. 

In Bethesda’s E3 2018 presentation, Howard referred to the first Starfield game as “next-gen”, suggesting it might not see a release before the next generation of consoles (either the PS5 and Xbox Two).

He might, however, just mean the game will use the capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One’s recent mid-cycle upgrades, in which case late 2019 or early 2020 would be a more likely window.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Howard elaborated:

“What systems we put it out on – what’s the hardware requirements – is still to be determined. We’re pushing it; we’re thinking very, very far in future so we’re building something that will handle next-generation hardware. That’s what we’re building on right now, that’s where our mind is, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t exist on the current systems as well.”

Starfield trailers

We saw our first glimpse of the game on June 10th in the teaser trailer below. it’s not much more than a title and setting at this point, but the video does introduce us to an unnamed planet, a floating satellite or space station, and some sort of… glowing wormhole?

Starfield news and rumors

Starfield may not be coming to E3 2019 after all

E3 is the place to announce exciting gaming news but it looks like Starfield won’t be making much of an appearance at E3 2019. During a panel at PAX East which celebrated the 25th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls, Todd Howard responded to a question about some photogrammetry tech being used in Elder Scrolls and Starfield with the news that “it’s going to be a long time! It’s not something we’re going to be talking about, either of those games, at E3 this year, and so patience, please”.  

Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase dated and confirmed
Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase kicks off at 5.30pm PDT on Sunday 9 June, with the horror shooter Doom Eternal taking center stage. But could we see some surprises too?

First announced at last year’s E3 show, could we finally get a glimpse at Starfield?  It’s no secret that Starfield is a long time away from public consumption, but with the PS5 and Xbox Two  apparently around the corner, we’re hopeful that Starfield could be revealed alongside them. From what we gather from Bethesda’s chat around the game so far, it looks the perfect accompaniment for new, super-powered hardware.

A whole new world
Bethesda has reportedly been talking about making Starfield for years now.

There have been rumors flying around about the game since Bethesda publisher Zenimax filed a trademark for the name as far back as 2013. 

Given how much mileage Bethesda has achieved out of its other tentpole IPs – Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, which have both seen various spin-off entries and MMO variants – it is presumably hoping to make Starfield a far-reaching franchise in the same vein.

…and whole new systems
The idea behind Starfield has been floating around as far back as 2004, and Howard has said it has the recognisable Bethesda DNA to it – so expect deep character customisation and open exploration. But also expect all new ideas entering into the mix – this won’t just be Fallout or Skyrim in space. Speaking to Eurogamer, Howard stated “[…] it has a lot of new systems we’ve been thinking about for a while that fit that kind of game really well.” So don’t be surprised if there’s some sort of on-theme space flight element involved too.

Bigger than ever before
Both the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series have shared a similar character progression system and open-world backdrop, partially rooted in their sharing of the same gaming engine.

While we haven’t heard specifics on gameplay, Starfield looks set to follow in the same vein, albeit in a more galactic setting. But the final frontier could hold much larger potential for exploration, allowing players to travel across various planets and encounter unknown civilizations.

There’s a big gap in the market for sci-fi RPGs
With the future of the space-opera RPG series Mass Effect looking uncertain, and the unfulfilled promise of the planet-hopping exploration game No Man’s Sky, Starfield will be entering a gaming market hungry for a sci-fi RPG done right. With the proven success of Bethesda’s other franchises, could the developer have the next Mass Effect up its sleeves?

(Image credits: Bethesda)

Keep checking back here for all the latest Starfield news 

  • Keep up to date with all our game coverage of E3 2018

Bethesda granted the wishes of Elder Scrolls fans everywhere when studio boss Todd Howard confirmed at E3 2018 that the developer is working on the highly-anticipated The Elder Scrolls 6.

Although we only got a glimpse at a short teaser trailer, rumors immediately started about where the latest Elder Scrolls title will be set, when it will release and when we will hear more. 

So we’ve gathered and assessed all the news and rumors about The Elder Scrolls 6 in this handy guide. Here’s everything you need to know.

[Update: It looks like The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t likely to be making an appearance at E3 2019. Read on to find out more.]

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The highly anticipated sequel to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • When can I play it? Not soon
  • What can I play it on? PC is a safe bet, as well as the latest console generations

Elder Scrolls 6 release date – when can I play it?

We might as well get the bad news out of the way first – you’re not likely to be playing The Elder Scrolls 6 any time soon. The good news, however, is that it’s been confirmed you will be able to…eventually

The game was confirmed during Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference but nothing more than a logo was given. We don’t even have a subtitle or a release year. Todd Howard said that the game will be coming after Starfield, the company’s next big IP. That means Elder Scrolls 6 could be years away.

In addition, Youtuber SkullziTV (via GamesRadar) has been looking into the challenges Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax faces with regards to the Redfall trademark it has applied for. According to SkullziTV, if the two parties don’t come to an agreement, we won’t be seeing any mentions of Redfall (aka the rumored name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls game) until at least 2021.

Elder Scrolls 6 trailer – when can I watch it?

The only footage we have of Elder Scrolls 6 is a very short clip of the game’s logo. Other than that, you might be waiting a while to see more. 

Here’s the announcement trailer:

Elder Scrolls 6 rumors

It may be called the Elder Scrolls 6: Redfall

Bethesda may have trademarked the name for the Elder Scrolls 6. According to a report by Newsweek, ZeniMax Media (Bethesda’s parent company) filed a new trademark for ‘Redfall’ which the company stated was for a ‘computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles’. 

It’s nothing solid, but there’s a slim chance the new Elder Scrolls will be called Elder Scrolls 6: Redfall. Redditors are speculating the name is linked to the Redfall location in Tamriel or to the Redguard race in Elder Scrolls, however Bethesda has not confirmed or denied anything.

Elder Scrolls 6 news

Elder Scrolls 6 likely won’t be appearing at E3

Although Elder Scrolls 6 was a big highlight of E3 2018, it won’t be making any kind of appearance at Bethesda’s E3 2019 conference. During a PAX East Panel celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Elder Scrolls franchise, when asked about Elder Scrolls 6 and some of the new tech being used in its development, Todd Howard said that Bethesda’s highly anticipated titles Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield (which is slated for release first) are “going to be a long time! It’s not something we’re going to be talking about, either of those games, at E3 this year, and so patience, please”. 

Of course, talking about the game in any detail and showing another teasing trailer to round off the show (maybe one confirming that pesky name) are different things and we’re sure fans will hold onto some hope of another nod, no matter how small, during the conference this year. 

Photogrammetry technology will be used

In that 25th anniversary panel which dashed the E3 dreams of so many, Bethesda did at the very least give fans a glimpse of some of the technology that will be used in the development of The Elder Scrolls 6. We got a peek at the use of photogrammetry which involves scanning real-life objects and environments to bring them into the game in detailed 3D. The technology will make its first outing in Starfield before the latest iteration is used for Elder Scrolls. 

Skyrim Grandma will be making an appearance

Speaking of photogrammetry, beloved YouTube star and Skyrim player Shirley Curry, known as Skyrim Grandma by her fans, has announced on Twitter that she’ll be making an appearance in the Elder Scrolls 6. In the above 25th Anniversary video we even got a glimpse of what could well be her character being created using the latest photogrammetry technology.

Redfall trademark dispute 

While fans wait with bated breath for more news on The Elder Scrolls 6, a legal battle between Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMaz Media and BookBreeze.com has potentially been putting a spanner in the works. But an agreement might be on the horizon.

This legal battle has been going on for a while, with Bookbreeze.com (aka author Jay Falconer) disputing ZeniMax filing a new trademark for ‘Redfall’, which the company stated was for “computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles”. 

In other words, it’s possible that this could be the name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 game – due to the Redfall location in Tamriel, or the Redguard race in Elder Scrolls.

However Falconer claims that he has already developed a brand under the Redfall name and, according to a blog post, is disputing ZeniMax’s filing “to protect what I feel is my ownership of the brand, and to protect my right to sell books (print, ebook, and audiobook) and the movie/film rights”. 

“I want all of you to know I’m not trying to stop the game nor am I trying to get any money from the game. I want nothing from the game at all,” Falconer wrote. “I’m only trying to protect my ability to keep selling my books. This is simply a dispute over a trademark name. Nothing more. It’s not a cash grab – I want nothing from them and it should in no way hold up any game.

“With that said, we can avoid the USPTO all together and find a no-cost resolution once all parties have a conversation. We just need to have that conversation. I’m ready and willing and open to whatever resolution makes sense.”

However, as spotted by our sister site GamesRadar, an agreement may be in the works. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Redfall trademark application documents state that ZeniMax has requested the dates to be pushed back a month as the “parties are engaged in settlement discussions”.

According to GamesRadar’s research, those settlement discussions are likely being used to avoid a long trademark dispute, which would prevent us hearing any more information about The Elder Scrolls 6’s official title until 2021.

According to GamesRadar, settlement discussions could mean one of three things:

  • Both parties agree to enter into a coexistence agreement, which allows them both to use the Redfall name (ZeniMax would have to pay out to Falconer).
  • ZeniMax withdraws the application but enters into a license agreement (paying a fee) to Falconer.
  • ZeniMax pays a one-off sum for Falconer to withdraw his opposition.

Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase dated and confirmed

Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase kicks off at 5.30pm PDT on Sunday 9 June, with the horror shooter Doom Eternal confirmed to appear. Having been teased at last year’s show, could we also see The Elder Scrolls VI make an appearance? There’s a fair chance, especially if this year’s E3 coincides with the reveal of the PS5 and Xbox Two – we’d be shocked if the Skyrim follow-up wasn’t being aimed at next-gen consoles.

Elder Scrolls VI goes official

Bethesda is a busy studio: not only is it working on a brand new IP, Starfield, it’s also continuing to develop for Elder Scrolls Online and it’s taking on the long commitment of Fallout 76. And that’s only in its main RPG franchises. It’s still got plenty going on elsewhere with mobile games, Dishonored, Prey and others.

Thanks to Todd Howard, we know Bethesda is working on two huge new titles simultaneously, though their developments are staggered. 

We now know that one of them is the Elder Scrolls 6.

Having returned to Skyrim after some time away, Howard compared it to seeing an old friend from high school, adding that the time away had given him the chance to see Skyrim as a gamer for the first time. 

This, to us, would be the perfect time to start applying this new perspective to the next title in the series. 

At the very least we can say we know it won’t just be called Elder Scrolls 6. There’s going to be a colon and another word to round the title off if previous releases are anything to go by. 

Where will Elder Scrolls 6 be set?

We’re also willing to bet that like all the other games in the series it’s going to be set in the continent of Tamriel, the map of which is below.

Previous games have taken us to Highrock, Hammerfell, Morrowind, Cyrodil, and Skyrim. Valenwood, Elsweyr and Black Marsh are the biggest places left to explore. Though there’s still much of Morrowind left to explore, we imagine much of that will be covered in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online title. 

So, Valenwood, Elsweyr or Black Marsh. Which looks most likely? Rumors online are heavily pointing towards Black Marsh, the home of the world’s reptilian Argonian race. 

There isn’t actually any solid reason for this rumor, but its swampy marshlands and network of islands would make for an interesting geographic change for the series, though it’s a geography that would leave itself open to comparison with the Witcher 3.  It’s probably the region of Tamriel that we know the least about so Bethesda would have plenty of room to be creative.

That said, Elsweyr would also be an interesting geography change with its dry plains and harsh badlands that the Khajit call home. 

It would certainly be nice to find out more about the culture of either the Khajit or the Argonians so both of these extremely different settings have an understandable appeal to fans.

There is, however, weight to a rumor that Elder Scrolls 6 could be set in Valenwood. Valenwood is the home of the Bosmer and it’s an area of Tamriel that Bethesda hasn’t explored much. 

The rumor that the game will be set here is based on a reported internal Bethesda memo from all the way back in 2014. In this memo, Bethesda employees were reportedly wanted against using the terms Fallout: Nuka World, Elder Scrolls VI or Project Greenheart.

Though it was initially believed to be a fake, Fallout: Nuka World ended up being a big DLC release for Fallout 4 which gives slightly more weight to rumor that Project Greenheart is in fact the codename for the next Elder Scrolls title. The fact that Greenheart is a city in the verdant region of Valenwood makes this even more interesting. 

Forest and jungle settings are hard to get right in games and it’d be really interesting to see Bethesda get creative with the part of Tamriel that’s said to have rejected civilization and embraced the wilderness. 

It’s hard to tell from the short E3 clip we have of the game but our first impression is that the game world looks a lot more like Valenwood or Elsweyr than Black Marsh.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Todd Howard confirmed the team has settled on the location – but he won’t tell us where yet. 

What features can we expect?


A feature that we’re fairly certain will be included in the game to some degree is house building or town creation. Skyrim introduced the idea of designing and maintaining a homestead with its Hearthfire DLC, which Fallout 4 expanded upon with the introduction of its settlement mechanic and the Elder Scrolls online built upon again with its Homestead DLC. This leads neatly into a further expansion of such features in the next Elder Scrolls title as it felt not-quite-finished in Fallout. 

It would be a feature that would actually fit in particularly well with the rumored Valenwood setting, if it involved the player adapting to the wilderness in the way the resident Bosmer have with their treetop cities. In a similar way the player used debris and junk to craft their settlement in Fallout, they could use their natural environment to do so in Elder Scrolls in a nice contrast.

A whole new story

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Todd Howard said that Bethesda is looking into how exactly it tells stories in its games.

Howard noted that Skyrim and Fallout 4 take slightly different approaches to stories, with Skyrim leaving things more open to the player’s vision and Fallout guiding them more firmly through a story

Now he says the studio are looking how to “tell a better story in an open world.”  He said “each of our games we’ve had successes and failures and if you ask us internally, we have new ideas that we want to explore in the future because we feel like we haven’t really cracked it yet the way we think it could be.”

Being aware of the differences between Skyrim and Fallout’s approaches to storytelling and the fact that both have positives and negatives suggests that the next Elder Scrolls title could strike some kind of balance between giving the player completely free reign and telling a story around their character. 

It’s hard to deny that The Witcher 3 has had a massive impact on what players expect in terms of including an engaging story in an open world game. 

Though we don’t in any way want Bethesda to just churn out a Witcher copy (we’re not sure it’d be possible anyway) it does put a certain amount of pressure on Bethesda when it comes to achieving high-quality environmental and quest-based story telling. 

Something we don’t expect to see, though, is multiplayer. Skyrim certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of multiplayer and it wouldn’t really make all that much sense to incorporate any online multiplayer gameplay with the Elder Scrolls Online still rolling along. 

Virtual reality

It’s not a certainty by any means but the fact that Bethesda released a full VR experience for Skyrim means it’s not out of the question.

What would we like to see?

Well, something we’d like to see and fully expect to see is improved graphics and reduced bugginess. The remastered version of Skyrim showed just how far things have come visually since the game’s first release so we fully expect any title following on from it to be of that standard if not much higher, depending on how far away the game is.

There’s actually a fairly good chance that the game could be created using an entirely new game engine – after it created an entirely new engine for Skyrim we don’t think it’s unlikely Bethesda will do the same for Elder Scrolls 6 and any Fallout sequels. 

The Bethesda game studio in Montreal is currently looking to hire an engine programmer so it’s well worth watching this space. 

(Image credits: Bethesda)

Ding ding! We’re ready to go for a MASSIVE middleweight matchup between Saul Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs to see who will be the unified middleweight champion of the world. It’s Canelo against the Golden Child and we’re here to tell you how to get a Canelo Alvarez vs Jacobs live stream, no matter where on Earth you are.

At the risk of making a massive understatement, this is a fight worth getting excited about. It sees 28-year-old Mexican Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs) make a return to the middleweight division after heading up a class to defeat Rocky Fielding for his super middleweight WBA crown. Alvarez – clearly one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter – currently stands to lose his WBA and WBC middleweight titles.

Daniel Jacobs, 32, (35-2, 29 KOs), of New York City, is putting his IBF title belt on the line. But despite being the American in the ring, he may still find that the Vegas crowd gets behind the awesome Canelo.

Read on to find out how to live stream the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight from absolutely anywhere. 

Live stream the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight from outside your country 

In the US, UK or Canada tonight? Then scroll just a little further down this page and we’ll tell you who’s broadcasting the boxing from where you are.

But if you’re abroad this weekend then you’ll need another way to watch and avoid possible geo-blocking. That’s where using a VPN comes in.

How to watch Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs: US live stream

How to watch a Canelo Alvarez vs Jacobs live stream in Canada

How to watch the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight: UK stream

How to watch the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight: Australia stream

Get stretching and prepare the shiny silver foil blanket – the 2019 London Marathon is here. 26.2 gruelling miles around the UK’s capital city, with elite athletes and fun runners all pushing themselves to the limits. And thankfully getting a 2019 London Marathon live stream is far, far easier than trying to compete in the thing.

And the 2019 edition is likely to be one of the most watched in recent years, thanks to the presence of one Sir Mo Farah. Yep, Mo’s back again.

But with the fastest marathon time of 2hrs 1mins 39secs set by Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge in Berlin last year, he’s the one to watch. Will it be misery or the Mobot? Either way, TechRadar will tell you how to live stream all the Marathon action.

But the London Marathon isn’t just about the so-called elite runners. It’s the fun runners, wheelchair athletes and plethora of weird and wacky fancy-dress costumes that make the event so iconic. Around 40,000 people will be running today, the vast majority fulfilling long held dreams.

And the great news is that getting a live stream of the 2019 London Marathon is really easy, as the BBC has the rights to show it in all its glory – just as it has since the inaugural year in 1981. And even if you live outside the UK keep reading as we’ll show you how to live stream the London Marathon 2019 from wherever you are in the world.

How to watch the London Marathon for free: UK stream

Stream the London Marathon from outside your country

We’ve got your UK and US watching options covered in this article. But if you try to watch the 2019 London Marathon and you’re abroad, you’re going to be out of luck – coverage will be geo-blocked.

Luckily, there’s an easy way around even this hurdle. Simply download and install a VPN to change your IP address to a server back in your country. That way, your laptop, mobile or streaming device will think it’s back at home and thus the geo-block will be avoided. Lovely!

How to watch a 2019 London Marathon live stream in the US

If you’re in the US and want to watch this year’s London Marathon, then you’re in luck as you have several ways to watch the event. 

NBC Sports will air all the action on the day with the Elite Men’s race starting from 5.10am ET, 2.10am PT.

If you’d prefer to stream the London Marathon on your computer, streaming devices or on mobile, the NBC site and NBC Sports App will also be streaming the event. 

If you want more athletics for your buck and plan on tuning into the Diamond League as well as the rest of the IAAF Championships, NBC Sports Gold also offers a Track and Field Pass for $74.99 a year. The service lets you stream all of the top marathons and other athletic events without commercial interruptions and if you happen to miss an event, you can always watch it later on-demand.

It’s almost time for Canelo to meet the Golden Child. Saul Alvarez’s WBA and WBC middleweight titles are on the line against Daniel Jacobs’ IBF championsip. That’s right…it’s a title unification fight and we’ll tell you how to get a Canelo Alvarez vs Jacobs live stream, no matter where on Earth you are.

At the risk of making a massive understatement, this is a fight worth getting excited about. It sees 28-year-old Mexican Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs) make a return to the middleweight division after heading up a class to defeat Rocky Fielding for his super middleweight WBA crown. Alvarez – clearly one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter – currently stands to lose his WBA and WBC middleweight titles.

Daniel Jacobs, 32, (35-2, 29 KOs), of New York City, is putting his IBF title belt on the line. But despite being the American in the ring, he may still find that the Vegas crowd gets behind the awesome Canelo.

Read on to find out how to live stream the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight from absolutely anywhere. 

Live stream the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight from outside your country 

In the US, UK or Canada tonight? Then scroll just a little further down this page and we’ll tell you who’s broadcasting the boxing from where you are.

But if you’re abroad this weekend then you’ll need another way to watch and avoid possible geo-blocking. That’s where using a VPN comes in.

How to watch Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs: US live stream

How to watch a Canelo Alvarez vs Jacobs live stream in Canada

How to watch the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight: UK stream

How to watch the Alvarez vs Jacobs fight: Australia stream

Who will be the best in Baku? The engines are being prepared to start at the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix with Mercedes duo Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton leading the pack – Ferrari and the rest have a lot of work to put in. Watching the Grand Prix is much easier however, and you’re in the right place to see how to get an F1 live stream from absolutely anywhere.

The Baku City Circuit was home to its first Grand Prix in 2017 and last year saw one of the best races of the season with plenty of drama. Ultimately it was Hamilton who won the race. Crashes were plentiful with Daniel Ricciardo, the 2017 winner at this course, and Max Verstappen colliding despite both being Red Bull drivers. Then, behind the safety car, Romain Grosjean smashed into a wall head-on. 

Debris from that madness led to Bottas ending the race early with just three laps left while Vettel had a flat tyre. But having set the lap record here it’s Sebastian Vettel who could impress this year, presuming the 2017 winner Daniel Ricciardo doesn’t get there first. All that said, Hamilton has won the last two races of the 2019 F1 season will want to continue that streak.

You can catch all the racing action live from anywhere you happen to be using this guide. Read on to find out how to live stream F1 action.

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix from outside your country

To see how you can live stream the Azerbaijan Grand Prix action in the UK, Australia, the US, Canada and New Zealand, then scroll a little further down this page to see the broadcast options. But if you try and tune in to your native stream from outside your country, you’ll quickly discover that it’s geo-blocked.

How to stream F1 live from Azerbaijan in the UK:

How live stream the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Australia

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in the US:

How to watch a Azerbaijan F1 live stream in the Canada:

How to get an F1 live stream in New Zealand

Are you ready for the next chapter in the epic Game of Thrones adventure? Or perhaps you’re only just getting around to getting stuck in to season 8 (what’s wrong with you?). Either way, you can find a full guide to how to watch Game of Thrones online below, with both catch up options and how to watch episode 3 live.

For those who still haven’t watched the first two episodes, you’ve made it this far, maybe now is the time to catch them. You can find all of the catch up options below. But for the die-hard fans out there who want to catch the newest episode this weekend, we’re here to tell you where to go to watch episode three online. Episodes air every Sunday which means tuning in on Sunday, April 28. 

The trouble is that thanks to live streamed episodes and time zones your viewing time can be anytime day or night depending on where you live – you can see a full list of viewing times and where to watch down below. 

So if you’ve got everything ready for the new episode this weekend (popcorn and all) and just lack the streaming service and time, you can find everything you need to know about how to watch Game of Thrones online on this page.

Watch Game of Thrones online: stream outside your country

Want to watch Game of Thrones online in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or India? We’ve found all of your best options and listed them below.

But, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances where you’ve booked a holiday over the duration of Game of Thrones season 8, then things get a bit more difficult. For those unlucky fans, all hope isn’t lost yet. You will find that watching Game of Thrones won’t be an option thanks to geo-blocking. This means that broadcasters do tend to try and stop you from watching in other countries, putting up some virtual roadblocks.

watch game of thrones online

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Watch Game of Thrones online in the UK FREE

Watch Game of Thrones online in Canada

got watch online

Watch Game of Thrones online in Australia

Watch Game of Thrones online in New Zealand

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How to watch seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones online

If you want to do some super speedy re-watching of the old seasons, we can tell you the best places to watch seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones but be warned, there is a lot of content to catch up on. 

Luckily, most of the streaming services above offer seasons 1-7 of the show, that means you can watch all of the old episodes and then smoothly move into the new season. Below we’ve listed each country with all of the different viewing platforms for the old seasons:

US: The US has a tonne of options when it comes to the old seasons with: HBO GO, HBO Amazon channel, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store.

UK: With just as much choice, in the UK you can watch old episodes on. Your best bets are either NowTV or Sky Go. Other options include Amazon Prime, iTunes, Sky Store, PlayStation, Microsoft Store, Chili, TalkTalk TV or the Google Play Store.

Canada: The options in Canada are a bit more limited, choose between: Crave Plus, iTunes, PlayStation, Microsoft Store or Google Play Store.

Australia: Pretty similar to Canada, choose between Foxtel Now, iTunes, Microsoft Store, PlayStation or the Google Play Store.

New Zealand: SoHo…yep that is pretty much your only option in New Zealand. But if you want to watch the new season you might as well watch the whole show right?

India: Just Hotstar, but when its so cheap, do you really need to shop around?

Elsewhere: Live somewhere not on this list? Try giving a VPN a try and connecting to one of the countries below with plenty of options for watching the show. 

Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 3 preview – get yourself excited for the next episode

Episode 2 got you craving some more action? Watch the trailer above to see what to expect this week. With all of the Starks, dragons and White Walkers, we feel like season 8 is going to be more than worth the wait. 

Scroll up to see where to watch the first episode where you live.

If you’ve been keenly following our coverage of Three’s unlimited data SIM deal (and we can only assume its a top priority for you!), then you’ll know we’ve been loudly and proudly calling it the ‘best SIM only deal ever’ since its release over Black Friday.

Almost half a year on and we’re deep into a game of cat and mouse. Three brings the deal back, extends it and then pulls it from us just when we were getting used to having it there. Now, once again extended now is the time to grab this offer before its cruelly pulled away again. 

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