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Your existing platform is highly successful. In fact, it is a cash cow as it is considered the premier solution in Echo Cancellation for global wireline circuit -switch environments. You know that voice traffic is rapidly moving to wireless software-switched environments. 

What do you do when your flagship platform needs a complete overhaul to survive disruptor technolgies?


Not sure…we do!

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The same smart technology and
embedded microprocessor advances that revolutionized smart phones were migrating into smart Wi-Fi Access Point hardware development that would drive controller-less architecture and also open up the application layer at the network edge.  This disruptor technology facilitated strategies in managed services, NMS, and application development for solution integrators in the education vertical.


Wireless Carrier

Smartphone provisioning occurs via OTAP (Over-The-Air-Provisioning) and is the integrated feature set that allows wireless carriers to update mobile device software.

What do you do when your legacy OTAP solution becomes too costly to maintain and smartphone ODM’s are integrating this feature into their platforms.

Not sure…we do!


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