Career Presentation Series

IIT Stuart School of Business, Downtown Campus

It’s no secret the advances in hi-tech is driving demand for certain business careers whether it be analytics, softdev, appdev….and has been  impacting new verticals in finserv, healhcare, retail, logistics, etc.   The impact of Product Management frameworks in Organization Design and product launch process have been critical in pushing the “Product Development” envelope and driving Innovation catalysts. I want to thank Shahzad Hussain, Senior Associate Director at IIT Stuart School of Business, for extending an invitation to address these important business and technology trends impacting today and tomorrow’s advanced career opportunities.

“It was a privilege to speak and present to Stuart graduate students on subject matter that will make an impact on their business careers”….A.Alvarado, IIT Alumnus

Entrepreneurship education programs are expanding rapidly and recent polls indicate that 20-25% of B school applicants are interested in starting their own business. Many applicants, including medical school and graduate school applicants already have, but feel they lack the business skills to start and scale their companies. Consequently, there are more Masters in Entrepreneurship programs sprouting up …