The world we live in is in a constant state of change. A 2014 study hinges on that axiom, attempting to quantify the accelerating rate of said change in a business/enterprise capacity by looking at the entry and exit of U.S. corporations in the S&P 500 index. “In 1958, corporations listed in the S&P 500 …

Dishing out Asset Light IT Strategies

I have to commend Ahead, Experts in Enterprise Cloud, and based in Chicago for the AWS courses they are conducting and dishing out. And I do mean dishing out. I attended last weeks presentation at Gibson’s Steakhouse in Oak Brook and aside from the rich lab content on IaaS, virtual cloud (VPC), Storage (S3), and Cloud Compute (EC2) that only an IT connoisseur can appreciate, the lunch included portions of Gibson’s famous prime rib. Well done Bryan and Jaime.


While large enterprises (Netflix, Siemens, GoDaddy, etc. ) understand fully the benefits of an asset light IT strategy that the AWS pay-as-you-use business model offers… the barriers for mid-to-small enterprise organizations on making the leap still exist. These barriers manifest themselves in…fear of change or losing IT control, lack of competitive urgency, redesigning and re-learning IT frameworks, indifference to lower-cost advantages…and others. With MS Azure giving AWS a run for its money, this increased competition adds to the complexity of weighing an outsource strategy. Nevertheless, these asset light strategies offer excellent opportunities for instructors, SME’s, and IT consultants to drive the message on game-changing reduced CAPEX/OPEX that brings music to the ears that only C-Levels can appreciate.