If you need a hand entertaining over the holidays, Stella Artois has a suggestion. The brewing company has come up with its Bartending Automated Robotic Technology (BART), which converts a robotic vacuum cleaner into a drinks- and snacks-toting bartender that can both serve guests and clean up simultaneously.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that have the biggest impact. We don’t know if BART will change the course of history, but it does have the potential of freeing up the host to enjoy the party for a bit while letting the robot get on with serving the edibles and potables.

BART is a simple Plexiglass assembly consisting of a base that fits on top of a robotic vacuum, a support pillar, and a top tray with holes to hold four beer bottles, four glasses, and a snack bowl. Of course, it’s still a robotic vacuum at heart, so avoiding knees might be difficult and it can’t take special drink request unless the tray includes a notepad and pen.

As a bonus to mingling with the guests, the robot can also be set to give the rug a quick touch up, which cuts down on the post-festivities clean up chores. However, small talk remains the duty of the host.

“Everyone can relate to hosting a holiday party and spending more time running around or cleaning up than actually enjoying spending time with their friends and family. So this year, Stella Artois decided to make our consumers’ lives a little easier by introducing BART,” says Lara Krug, VP, Stella Artois.

A limited number of BARTs were on sale for US$19.99, but these sold out almost immediately. Those still keen on having a robot-delivered Saki can still go the DYI option as the company has posted the blueprints online.

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